Week 3 – Feedback and Location Search

This week I had to present my idea to the rest of the group and from the feedback I received was great. Not only did people understand my idea but also the style which I thought would be the hardest part to explain. With one comment saying ‘Good Creative idea’ and ‘The no sound idea is a good idea’ I feel more confident and now looking forward to start the production. One of the weakness the group written down was that I need to find a location now so I don’t have to worry about it later when filming. Overall I’m happy with all my feedback and after reading all of the feedback, I feel I will make a better film.

Right after I presented my idea, I added more details to the script and finished the one scene. My first scene is about 15-20 seconds long but it’s in a location I can film in now and is the opening to the short film. I have started writing the second scene but in the scene I would need a flat/ apartment before I film. If I can’t find a flat or apartment in time, I will have to film that scene in a house which wouldn’t be too bad but I would prefer it if it was in a flat / apartment because it will show the audience that they are still in the early scenes in their relationship.

I have delayed my listed audition for the female role as I want to focus more on one thing at a time so that I know what’s going on and that I have everything under control. I want to focus on the locations first as I want to know where my scene is taking place before who will act in it. I will focus later on actors but for now I feel the location will be best to sort out now before I start making stuff up on the spot.

Overall I feel the production is doing well just like last week and just need to keep on top of my work so I don’t fell behind. I will need to find my locations this week so I can start searching for my actors. by next week. All the equipment is ready to use and free anytime between now and next month so I will just need to rely on locations and actors.


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