Week 3/4 -Re-Create a Scene

For week 3 we had to film/ photography another project which meant we had to delay this project for week 4. Although we were out filming, it gave us time to reflect on our current work and how we could improve in the coming weeks. One of my biggest weakest was using the cameras to their full potential to make our shots more cinematic and eye catching. That’s why I was happy to be in a group with both Evan and Molly as they have made really nice looking films in the past and was interested in how they work the camera both though settings and movement.

For this weeks project we had to re-create any film scene using the equipment and locations we had. As Me and Evan weren’t here this week we had to use our spare time to discuss our ideas for a film scene we could re-create. We created a Facebook group chat and wrote down some of the films and the scenes that we could re-create. Evan suggested the fight scene in ‘Sherlock Holmes: A game of shadows’ as he enjoyed the film recently and felt like that scene would test his camera movement. Me and Molly were more then happy to pick that scene and started researching for props and locations. The planning was very short as Evan already had a few locations in mind and the props were very basic and could be picked up on the day. Once all this was done we choice our two actors (me and Liam) and picked a date we were all free to film.

We started the day at 11am where we all met at the college before heading off to film. We carried the equipment and props to the car park where we filmed the fight scene. As we were carrying the equipment, we talked about the shot list and downloaded the video as reference while walking there. Once we got there we set up all our equipment and went over our lines, we were doing this Evan was changing the settings on the camera for how he felt the scene should look and Molly adjusted the recorder for the right levels. I noticed some of the settings Evan had changed and noticed how most if not all the settings were in manual, this told me that Evan wanted to be in control of everything on the camera and change the style to be as close to the film as much as possible.

After that was done we began filming the opening scene which were going over our lines with little movement in the scene. Once all our lines were done we decided to do all the fight scenes from start to finish as they would take the longest to shot. We watched the scene frame by frame to see how the characters punches and where the other character moves in the shot. We re-created the scene without filming as we went over it multiple to make sure the scene was as close to the original while being safe from the punches. As the fight scene in the film slowed down, we could slow down our punches as well so that no one gets hurt during the filming. Once we felt happy and safe we started filming again and did the shots multiple times so that when editing we had some good clips. After the first fight scene, Molly had to leave but as we already recorded all the audio we were fine to carry on with the rest of the scene without her. Although it did make some of the shots harder without her, I felt like we handled the situation well with some nice shots. While filming, me and Evan were thinking how these shots will work while editing and we said that we should do the same shot using different techniques as having the same shot multiple times wouldn’t benefit us and would make the editing process much harder. After about two hours of filming we got to the end scene where the character throws the other character off the side of the building down to his death, as none of us wanted to die we had to shot an alternative version while still keeping it as close to the original as possible. For that we I had to lay down on the fence and we angled the shot to look like I was laying down on the wall which was shown in the previous shot. Once all the shots were done and we were both happy with what we had, we decided to come back and import the clips to the computer.

As we have the week over, I felt like it was best for me to import all the clips and audio from the day to my own personal SD card so that I could carry on editing at home. I did this as I felt more free and happy to use my own settings which I have set on my computer which weren’t on the Macs at the college. Before leaving, we had forgot to record our lines for the voice over, as we only had a few minutes left we decided to go to the room next door and recorded our lines while we were importing our clips over to the computer.

Overall the day went really well and I learned more about using the camera from seeing first hand how Evan handled it and techniques he used for some of the shots. I also liked how he saw the shots in the original film and thought out the shots with both me and Molly so that when we did start filming, we were on board with his idea and understood how it might turn out.For the end of this week I will begin editing all the clips and audio and will meet the deadline on time. I have a good understanding of how the effects worked in the film and how I could use them to re create them so hopefully they will look as good if not better in our film.


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