Hole though the wall

For our second video for the YouTube series we discussed to make the video based around an urban legend where a hotel guest find a hole in his room and someone sitting in the room next door who was never there. We discussed to make this our second video as we really liked the idea of filming at a different location then where we usually film for our other projects. We also liked the idea of leaving the film on the cliff hanger so we play with the audience’s mind and have them think about the film for the rest of the day.

We first planned the location and the actors over the holidays so when we came back we could start filming straight away. We booked the hotel for one night and stayed there for the whole day and stayed overnight to film over 4 hours of footage which we shorted down to 4 minutes. We headed over to the hotel at 12 and set up the equipment while we waited for our actors to head over. We filmed all the scenes outside the hotel and other shots where we didn’t need any actors which we spent up to an hour filming. Once we got all the shots we had an hour break which he had something to eat, as we were eating all our actors came and met us and we headed back to the hotel together. We started filming as we got back and stayed there for a few hours until it turned night time. We had to film in our room as it was against hotel rules to film in the hall or lobby so we had to get them shots at a different hotel on a later day. All our actors stayed with us until 11pm, we phoned for a taxi to drop off our actors so that they could get home safely and ready for the next day of filming.

We got up the next day and headed home to pick up the rest of the equipment. We changed the battery and got some clothes for our actors and headed to his house to pick him up and film before our next lesson at 1pm. We went to the closest hotel and filmed all the begin shots before he heads inside the hotel. We filmed all the shots outside and some in the hall before he heads into his room before going to the college for our next lesson.

We captured all the footage to my laptop and edited all the scenes in sequences so I could send Evan all the scenes in order and keeping the scenes clean and easy to follow. I changed the colour of the clips to show which clips were for each scene and used the third party plug in ‘Frame.io’ so that Evan could comment on the scenes. I started by ordering all the clips and taking the best takes and putting them in order then tidy up all the clips to make them flow and start pacing the scene for how I want it. Once that was done I went to the next scene and do the same until I finished all the scenes and put them into the master sequence. I then sent Evan a copy so that he could edit the audio and other sound effects needed while I worked on VFX and colour correction. Evan said that he did one of the effects where we see someone though the key hole which was good as that was less work for me in post. Once Evan done the audio I imported it and put them in order and sent him the newer version for his final thoughts. Evan then changed the ending and we finished by uploading it to YouTube and sending Neil the link.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.43.49.png

I felt the project taught us more about shooting at location and understanding our surroundings when filming in a more public place compare to other project where we will film in more private areas. I liked how the final film came out and the style, pacing and look of the film. I would change only a few things from more sound effects to some VFX I felt didn’t work but were alright for time we had left. If we were to film/ edit again I would use more of our time on the build scenes as I felt the pacing didn’t flow from start to middle unlike the pacing for the medium and ending. I would have spent more time on VFX, for example the eye in the wall didn’t work as well as I wanted and felt with more time and testing it could of came out much better. I’m happy with the final film but as I mentioned I would change a few things before I review it as highly as some of the other projects I have made.

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 13.43.49.png