Week 2 – Draft Script

This week I started to write a draft script up so I know how I want my story to flow and what happens scene by scene. The thing I did before writing was to think of locations I could film at and how long for. Although some of the locations aren’t set yet, I will try and talk to some people before filming so they will be no problems. I also have a backup plan in case the first few locations aren’t ready or if the people turned down are offer. In the draft I have only written down some of the key moments and how the scene looks. One of my biggest problems with writing a script for this film is the fact that the film is mostly silent and has no dialog for my characters. This is a problem because I will not know how long my film will be until it’s done but when it is done, I will be able to talk to my actors during the scene because I will mute the clips and replace them with background music.

I have also listed an audition for a female role with all the trails and details I have written down in my script. I have listed for a female to play a role of a girlfriend of someone addicted to football. The girlfriend can have any hair colour, height or skin colour but I would like it if the actor bought her own clothes related to some of the scene (aka a dress). No one has replied yet but hopefully in the next few days will have a number of candidates to choose from. I have asked someone I have worked with before if he wants to work again but still waiting for a reply as well. He does have a ‘Star Now’ account but I have decided to message him on Facebook as that’s how I contracted him the last time. Hopefully I will have my characters ready by the start of next week so I can give them information about the locations and scene I would like for them to act in.

Overall the project is going well and will hopefully start filming in the next two weeks with my actors in the locations. At the start of the new week, I will finish my script and have the locations ready so I can start filming. I would like to work with one of my actors I worked with before as last time we had a good relationship and enjoyed the project. If I can’t work with his due to any reason, I will list an audition for a ‘Lead Male Actor’ and have everything ready within the first two weeks so I won’t have to slow down my production. I will however slow down my production if I don’t find an actor who doesn’t match my character’s trails nor dress appearance. Since the character is someone who is relatable, I don’t mind if the actor changes him a bit to match himself but I will keep him the way I wrote him more or less.


#1 – Idea Generation

For our latest project, we have to come up with a story line around the topic of ‘Love’. The project can be a short film, music video or experiential film but must be set around Love. This could be anything related to ‘Love’ meaning it can be about felling in love, heart break, being in love or anything else related.

For my idea, I decided to make a short film around two characters being in love but the one character is in love with something the other character hates. The film will be a comedy as I feel that my biggest strength and the type of genre I enjoy doing and as ‘Love’ can make you feel like anything, comedy would fit into the story line. I also wanted to do a short film with no speech from any character as I watched a sketch on ‘YouTube’ recently titled ‘Horse’ where the main character was a horse and we follow this character doing all these funny, extreme advantages he has. The characters don’t talk and we can only tell from their reactions and expressions what they are thinking about. I loved the video and wanted to do a similar film as its something different and very under appreciated in my opinion. I wanted to have my theme around Football as recently I have seen some people have relationship problems around the fact that the boyfriend/ husband spending too much around football.

I want to have my short film to be around 3-4 minutes long as I want it short and sweet and for it not to drag. In the 3-4 minutes I want to get the point across that the relationship is strong but has it’s problems. In the short film I was thinking of four(4) different locations. The main location is a house as that is where it all starts and will be shown as where they both live. The other locations will be shown as locations that add detail to the story but the house will be the main focus as that is where we see the story progress their relationship.

The two characters will be a boy and a girl as the story will be more relate able to other relationships as the stereotype of boys like football and the girls don’t. I have been looking at two characters on ‘Star Now’ who are both local and who look great for my roles. I want my boy character to be a ‘Lad’ and be everything stereotype about football fans and we will show that by the way he is dressed and acts while the girl character will be more well dressed and well presented to show that they are very different.

Since this is our last project this year I want to try something different while still sticking to my technique and style of directing and filming. I always wanted to try and do a short film with no speak but never came around to doing it but since this is our last project and something I have been looking into more recently, I felt it was best to try it now.